Sunday, February 11, 2007

Reality Scrap - I am an 'Other', whatever that means!

I am participating in a great competition at Scrapbook City (hereafter referred to as 'the city'!!) It is called Reality Scrap. I didn't make the top 20, but I have made teh 'others' team. This DPLO is my initial, unsuccessful :( entry. It is a layout looking at my life then (pre kids, marriage) and now. I tried to make a stark contrast that happened really quickly for me. The pics are only 13 months apart. 'then' pic is entertaining clients at the Palazzo Versace in Oct 2000 and the 'now' pic uses a bit of licence as it is actually in Nov 2001 - doing a late night feed with baby Jack! Considering Darryl and I hadn't even met in Oct 2000 - it was a rapid change! Things have worked out well and now we have beautiful Jack and Darcy Kate!


Hello. I am Louise aka miffy. Nice to meet you:) Thanks for visiting my first ever blog. (woo hoo) I am a new scrapper (some would also say an old slapper!) and I would love to share some of my art here. As my family is doing a fantastic round the world holiday in April, I will hopefully be able to drag myself off the beach or from the shops to post some interesting tidbits of the Stuart's World Tour. BEar with me here as I set this up and get some content happening here! bye for now, Louise x

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Darcy Baby

Here is a layout that I love because the pics are of a time when Darcy first started to look well and happy. She had been such a sick, wee baby and we worried immensely about what might be 'wrong' with her.